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   What are the properties of rubber shock absorbers?

   With the development of vibration control technology, more and more attention has been paid to the application of vibration isolation support.In fact, many people do not know that many of the electrical appliances in your home will be related to rubber shock absorbers and rubber shock absorbers such as cushion, when the night comes, you open the fan or air conditioning to sleep, did you know that there are rubber shock absorbers in the fan and air conditioning for this kind of vibration products to reduce the vibration and sound insulation.Assuming there is no shock absorber, that will wake you up in your sleep.Commonly used shock absorbers are metal spring shock absorbers and rubber shock absorbers.Rubber shock absorber damping coefficient is large, conducive to passing through the resonance zone, on the three directions have absorption, molding simple, convenient processing, etc., now the loader widely feel appropriate and the use of rubber shock absorber.